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Engineering company specialized in electronics, computing and mechatronics in Lyon

Innovation, expertise and industrial continuity

E.RE.C.A bureau d’étude en électronique et internet des objets

About us

« For more than 25 years, E.RE.C.A engineers have been assisting companies and firms in the realisation of their innovative technological projects. Our solid experience and our leading expertise allow project holders to discharge from all the technical work and therefore concentrate on their market. As a technical centre, E.RE.C.A offers you the best solution in electronics, computing and mechatronics. » Serge Nicolle, manager of E.RE.C.A

Flexibility and industrial continuity

E.RE.C.A engineers can work before or during the development cycle of your embedded systems or smart connected products, either punctually or through the entire cycle. A high level of flexibility in your project management is therefore guaranteed. E.RE.C.A ensures industrial continuity from the idea to the industrialisation of the project.

Development cycle of a technological product

E.RE.C.A Bureau d’études en électronique et objets connectés Research and development offer

Based on your specifications, E.RE.C.A designs a POC (Proof Of Concept) to validate the feasibility of the project and rapidly approach a market with reduced costs. A prototype is also designed for testing under real operating conditions and preparing production launch.

E.RE.C.A Bureau d’études en électronique et objets connectés Co-contracting offer

Based on your need, E.RE.C.A offers you a technical solution, achieves R&D through the conception of a POC (Proof Of Concept), then designs a prototype that is produced with components partly or entirely supplied by E.RE.C.A.

E.RE.C.A Bureau d’études en électronique et objets connectés Project design offer

Starting from an idea, E.RE.C.A designs a technical solution with you, then entirely develops your future product, from POC to market.

E.RE.C.A’s fields of expertise

Electronique embarquée

Embedded electronic

You need a Printed Circuit Board

Système embarqué IoT

Embedded system

You need an entire embedded system

Objets connectés

Smart connected products

You need a stand-alone and connected system

Ingénierie logicielle

Application and sofware

You need to interact with your system

A wide variety of fields

E.RE.C.A works for very small structures to key accounts, in a wide variety of fields :


  • Industry
  • Health, Research
  • Agriculture, viticulture
  • Automotive industry, transport
  • Security, defense
  • Public agencies, local council communities
  • Home equipment and automation
  • Consumer electronics

Certification for Research Tax Credit (CIR) and Innovation Tax Credit (CII)

Innovation Tax Credit
Ministry of Higher Education and Research
Research Tax Credit

E.RE.C.A is an innovation-dedicated research center accredited by the French authorities ; the clients that assign us R&D and prototyping works can therefore benefit from Research Tax Credit (CIR) and Innovation Tax Credit (CII).

Contributing to the emergence of tomorrow’s giants

E.RE.C.A has been supporting many startups in their technology projects with its expertise in electronics, embedded systems, smart connected products – IOT, mobile/web app development, etc., which has been contributing to the development of French innovation.

French tech innovation

Métropole du Grand Lyon (Greater Lyon), an ideal location

1st French industrial agglomeration (after Ile-de-France region) with more than 100 000 business, Greater Lyon is a modern agglomeration and a genuine innovation laboratory


Indeed, Lyon encourages innovation both in research and business fields. E.RE.C.A, located in the hearth of Greater Lyon, benefits from this environment and can offer you high-level solutions with its local partners.


Certification for Research Tax Credit and Innovation Tax Credit - With our partners

French Tech Innovation
BPI France Innovation
Ministère éducation nationale enseignement supérieur recherche
Rhône-Alpes, French Region
CCI Lyon
CPE Lyon, Engineering School

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