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Our achievements

For more than 25 years, E.RE.C.A has been implementing projects of any types in electronics, embedded systems and smart connected products. You will find below a sample of our achievements.

For confidentiality and industrial property reasons, the photos and names of the project holders may not appear.


Discover our electronic achievements in various fields such ad industry, health and office equipment

Embedded systems

Discover some embedded systems achievements deisgned for Wineyards equipments, road transportation or cosmetic industry

Smart connected products

Discover some achievements of smart connected products for general use, for the medical or the industrial fields

Applications and sofwares

Discover our application and sofware projects related to embedded systems and smart connected products

Certification for Research Tax Credit and Innovation Tax Credit - With our partners

French Tech Innovation
BPI France Innovation
Ministère éducation nationale enseignement supérieur recherche
Rhône-Alpes, French Region
CCI Lyon
CPE Lyon, Engineering School

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