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Engineering and expertise in smart connected product design

Ingénierie et expertise en conception d’objets connectés

Expert in embedded systems and communication technologies, E.RE.C.A is the ideal partner to design your smart connected product. Any needs ?

What is a smart connected product ?

A smart connected product is an electronical device, like an embedded system, that exchanges data with one or more devices (M2M). A relevant example of smart connected product is the smart watch : it connects to your smartphone and both systems exchange data with one another, e.g. heart rate or gyroscope (watch), notifications or applications (smartphone). Smart connected products can also be used for industrial purposes, for instance to manage real-time water consumption.

Smart connected products can exchange data using short-distance transmission (Bluetooth, ZigBee, BLE), via a local network (Wifi) or via the internet (SigFox, LoRa, Box, GSM, 3G, 4G). It is then referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT).

Smart connected product expertise and design

With a 25-year’s experience in electronics application field and embedded systems, E.RE.C.A can work closely with you to design your smart connected product. Indeed, our engineers can write specifications with you, validate the concept, supply you with a prototype and work with you up to the manufacturing of your smart connected product.

Connecting to consumer electronics devices (computers, smartphones, tablets…)

In addition to its expertise in hardware engineering, E.RE.C.A’s team is also expert in application and software development, making your smart connected product communicate with any computer, mobile or programmable consumer electronics device. See our application and software development section.

Internet of things and cloud

In order to allow your smart connected product to communicate within a short-distance or remotely, E.RE.C.A works closely with Isigone, a company located in Lyon, which is expert in data exchange and storage and bespoke software development.

Internet of things and cloud

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